Computer & Coding Club / STEM exCEL

Hey there Tech Wizards in 1st-6th Grade! 🌟🚀 Ready to embark on an exciting digital adventure? Our Winter Computer & Coding Club is just the ticket, with two amazing sessions:

1️⃣ STEM exCEL Minecraft - Dive into a world of creativity and problem-solving!
2️⃣ Intro to Game Design - Unleash your imagination and learn to design your own games!

📅 Sessions Start: January 22nd & 23rd
👥 Class Sizes: Small groups of 14-20 students - so everyone gets a chance to shine!

But hurry! Spots are as coveted and fill up quickly! 🏃💨

🔗 To join the fun, register at For more details or questions, email to

Get ready to code, create, and collaborate! Let's make this winter a season of tech-tacular discoveries! 💻🎮👾