Standing Committee Chairs 2023-2024

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Executive Committee 
President: LeAnn Bartenhagen (
1st Vice President: Lauren Chunn  (
2nd Vice President: Ellen Dreyer (
3rd Vice President (Correspondence): Michelle Poole (
Treasurer: Abigail Malejko (
Recording Secretary: Kayvan Patti (


Activities & Clubs

Activities & Clubs Chair: VACANT (
Engineering for Kids: VACANT (
Fencing: VACANT (
Guitar Club: VACANT (
Girls on the Run:  VACANT (
Odyssey of the Mind: VACANT (
RunFit Kidz: Corky Sturtevant (
STEM exCEL: Fernando Dietrich (
Chess Club:Jenny Patterson (


Arts In Education
Arts In Education Chair: Michelle DeWyngaert (
Art: Michelle DeWyngaert (
Cultural Arts Assemblies: Kate Johnson  (
Reflections: Aline Steele (
Science Program: VACANT (


Legislation Chair: Candis Woods (
Advocacy: Candis Woods (
Safety: VACANT (
By-Laws/Legislation: Romy Gelb-Zimmer (



Membership Chair: Tiffany Lafarier (
Membership: Tiffany Lafarier (
Room Parent Coordinator: Jen Gallton (
Volunteer Coordinator: VACANT (


Community Events
Community Events Chair: Morgan Draughon (
Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast: Shelley Rakip (
Bingo Night: Jen Miller (
Bingo Night: Robin Griffin (
Dance-A-Thon: Ellen Dreyer (
Fall Fest: Ellen Dreyer (
Fasching: VACANT (
German Game Days: VACANT (
German Lending Library: VACANT
Ice Skating: VACANT (
SpringFest/Int'l Children's Day: Ellen Dreyer (
Kinderchor: Melissa Driggers (
Laternenfest: Petra Esseling, Michelle Poole (
Popsicle Playdate: Sherraz Abraham (
Pyramid Challenge: Aline Steele (

Trunk or Treat: Shelley Rakip (
Schultueten: Katherine Bohn, Karin Mahoney (

Science Fair: Petra Esseling (
Variety Show: Shelley Rakip (


Parent Resource
Parent Resource Chair:VACANT (
CarPool Connections: VACANT (
German Liaison: Karin Mahoney (
Irving Liaison: Lucy Paffett (
Military Support Group: Monica Jaramillo (
Special Education Liasion/CHAMPS: Lindsey Emami (
Welcoming Committee: VACANT (


School Support Committee
School Support Committee Chair: VP1 (
Add-A-Book: VACANT (
Mini Grants: VACANT (
Hospitality - Teacher Appreciation: Katy Winstead (
Staff Appreciation Week: Kate Johnson (
School Beautification Day: Kate Gray (
School Supply Coordinator: N/A (
6th Grade Party Coordinator: Mehrdad and Maggie Barikbin (
6th Grade Party Helper: VACANT (
Bulletin Board: VACANT (


Ways & Means
Ways & Means Chair: Ellen Dreyer (
Box Tops: Jennifer Clapp (
Community Fundraising: VACANT (
ArmChair Fundraiser: Kayvan Patti (
Restaurant Nights: Karin Mahoney  (
SpiritWear: Allison Baker (
Grants: VACANT (
Corporate Sponsorship: VACANT (